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Kianco Mechanical Engineering Company


Kianco  Mechanical Engineering provides consulting services aiding clients in successfully design and deliver advanced manufacturing facilities and modernizing aging factory and production facilities to cost-effectively increase production throughput and improve process and product quality. Our clients also can rely on us to design and construct new plants that use state-of-the-art production tools and technologies, from robotic assembly parts in clean rooms through final assembly and computerized inspection to automated packaging and distribution.

The Kianco Mechanical Engineering strategy is concurrent engineering. In this environment, the steps required to bring a product to completion occur simultaneously. While our engineering department performs concept studies, detailed parts are created, design optimizations are run, and drawings are completed. Overlapping these functions dramatically reduces time - to - market. This process is accomplished with fully associative models which enables multiple disciplines to contribute simultaneously to a single product model. Concurrent engineering allows a change made anywhere in the development process to be distributed throughout the entire design, automatically updating all engineering deliverables including assemblies, details, and bill of materials. Our affiliates network makes concurrent engineering possible by encouraging change - without penalty - at any point in the development cycle, thereby enabling downstream functions to contribute their knowledge and expertise earlier.

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